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FASTING: Podcast and Blog Recommendations

Below are some of the podcasts and blogs that I’ve reviewed on the subject of fasting. My objective is to post material that is: interesting, provides clinically relevant and medically accurate information and that also stimulates the reader to expand their knowledge regarding the topic of fasting.

Peter Attia, MD

This podcast is presented by Dr. Peter Attia, the host of “The Drive” podcast which focuses on maximizing health, longevity, and critical thinking. Dr. Attia was medically educated and trained at Stanford and Johns Hopkins, respectively. He now runs a medical practice called Attia Medical, with offices in San Diego and New York City, that focuses on the applied science of longevity.

Note: the podcast can be accessed for free however, to access the shows transcripts (which I highly recommend), you must be subscribed as a member. Recommended subscription is $15/year or higher; minimum $10/year. This is an excellent investment with an amazing ROI since the show’s notes contain valuable information one can use to springboard to further personal education, reference back to later or print off for personal use.

AMA #2: the Nothingburger — results from Peter’s week-long fast between two weeks of nutritional ketosis — and answering questions on all things fasting (EP.11)

Ben Greenfield

This podcast is by Ben Greenfield. Ben is a personal trainer, a self-proclaimed biohacker and holds master degrees in exercise physiology and biomechanics. Ben founded the companies Ben Greenfield Fitness and Kion. He currently lives with his family in Spokane, Washington. He’s very knowledgeable about different aspects of fasting and offers answers to questions that were provided prior to the podcast from his readers and listeners.

The Official Fasting Q&A with Ben Greenfield: Does Coffee Break Your Fast, Poor Sleep During Fasting, Amino Acids During Fasting & Much More!

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