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Kheiron Nutraceuticals and this website serve as a platform for the sale of nutritional supplements and the posting of generalized health information by George Delaney, MD.  The supplements offered for sale on this website and all health information provided by Dr. Delaney on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any physical or mental disease or illness.  In addition, any interaction with Dr. Delaney on this website, directly or indirectly, does not constitute: 1) medical advice, 2) an evaluation, or 3) a consultation.  Further, any information and/or correspondence resulting from contacting or interacting with Dr. Delaney as a result of this website (i.e. email correspondence, phone calls, etc.) does not and will not create a formal doctor-patient relationship.  Any prospective clients or patients desiring a formal consultation are politely invited to contact Dr. Delaney for an official appointment at his office via the options provided in the Footer below.  Use of this website assumes that you, the reader, has read, understands and agrees to the tenets set forth above.  Thank you kindly for understanding our legal position.

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