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Intelligent Nutritional Health.

Welcome to Kheiron Nutraceuticals!  Kheiron Nutraceuticals is primarily an online nutritional supplement site that also offers general information pertaining to health and lifestyle modification.  On our website high quality, professional-grade supplements can be purchased from reputable third-party companies such as Metagenics, Xymogen, Pure and Thorne.  In addition, online dispensary supplement companies such as Fullscript and Wellevate offer a one-stop-shop regarding a large line of quality supplement options from different source companies.


Kheiron Nutraceuticals is owned by Dr. George Delaney, a practicing functional and aesthetic medicine physician in Edmonds, WA.  Dr. Delaney also regularly posts tips regarding health and lifestyle modification, as added value, to the Blog section of the website.  In addition to nutritional information, Dr. Delaney enjoys writing about other important aspects of lifestyle modification such as behavioral change, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and healthy relationships.


Please browse around the website to learn more about lifestyle modification, nutritional health and how to purchase supplements.  For more information about Dr. Delaney or if you would like to inquire regarding a nutritional consult with Dr. Delaney, please review the “Consultation” page or use the Contact Form below to get ahold of us.  Once again, welcome and we look forward to providing value to you!


- Dr. Geo Delaney

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